How to delete music on soundcloud?


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SoundCloud provides musicians, audio artists and podcasters a platform for storing and sharing their original content from a centralized location. The SoundCloud interface allows account holders to manage their audio files using a standard Web browser. You can share audio files with your following, create groups, construct song sets and track Likes for a particular song. The SoundCloud interface also includes tools to perform basic editing tasks right from your browser. No additional plug-ins or extensions are required.

Open SoundCloud in a Web browser and log in with your username and password.

Navigate to the audio file to delete from SoundCloud.

Hover the cursor over the bottom of the waveform of the audio file to display the file options. A set of buttons appear under the waveform, including “Like,” “Add to Set,” “Add to Group,” “Share,” the Download icon, the Edit icon and the Trash Can icon.

Click the “Trash Can” icon. A confirmation dialog box opens.

Click the “Yes” option. The audio file is deleted from your SoundCloud account.

Repeat the steps for each audio file to delete.


  • If you do not see the set of buttons when you mouse over the area under a waveform, SoundCloud recommends that you upgrade your browser to the latest version.


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