How to use magic wand tool to delete background?

Photoshop Magic Wand Tool Tutorial

Today I’m going to tell about using magic wand tool in Photoshop. It’s a nice feature of Adobe Photoshop. For graphic designer, Adobe Photoshop is one of the best software for designing. This software has some awesome feature which makes your work too easy and simple. Some other software’s are also popular for this work but it is best. Some other software means Lightroom, GIMP, Paint shop are another most popular software for this purpose. Let’s get started with Adobe Photoshop.

At first, you have to open your picture on Photoshop by clicking file then new and select your picture or image. Today we are just going to remove background from an image by using wand tool in Photoshop. After open, the image go the layer panel area and unlock the layer. It’s necessary because without this you can’t save your work. Then select the layer path.

Now go to the tool area and click quick selection tools. Right-click on the tools and select magic wand tool. Then go back on your image and click on the image. Before that go top of the bar and adjust tolerance. You can disgrace this by your capability. Go back on your image and click on the image.

Then go top of the bar where you can see a select object icon. Select on the select object selection tool and wait for a while. It’s automated, after while a moment you can see your whole image object is selected.

After that right-click on the image then save selection. Again, right-click on the image and click select inverse. We are now at our finishing stage. Now you have to press delete key to remove the back ground.

Then go layer path area, bottom of that area and click fill adjustment color. After click solid color Select your desired color. White is the best color for background.

That’s was too easy to create. You can also use add mask for better look. If you have any problem to do that don’t be worried. Lots of companies around you who can do this.

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