How can i delete duplicate photos from google photos?

Also important: the Google Photos app on mobile devices not only shows photos/videos uploaded to Google Photos, but also photos in folders on the device. That may under certain circumstances (for example moving photos to another folder, adding photos to the device) lead to duplicates in the Photos tab. To see what is really uploaded to Google Photos you should use the web app

When we get new info on how to avoid/remove duplicates we will add it here.

Some reasons for getting duplicates

  • If you uploaded using Picasa, a new upload to Google Photos created duplicates of all photos that were modified in Picasa, for example edited, date & time changed, tags added, etc. Renaming a photo did not result in duplicates.
  • Uploading from multiple devices, for example, a smartphone and computer. EXACT copies of photos will not be duplicated, but VIDEOS will be duplicated.
  • When switching to a new phone, some people reported seeing duplicates. It's not clear why or how this triggers duplicates.
  • New or reformatted computer may cause duplicates. See this post from 2017 where someone reformatted:!topic/photos/7PYoz0oBOu4
  • Duplicates may occur after installing "Backup & Sync" on a computer, per forum complaints

Some recommendations to remove duplicates

There is no easy way to remove duplicates in Google Photos, but this may help a bit:

    You can delete duplicates manually, for example in where they should be next to each other except when date/time was changed. Duplicates may also appear together in albums created by Google under People, Places and Things.

You may have to check which ones you can delete:

    • One photo may be edited, the other not. You need to open the photo and click the edit icon to find out.
    • One photo may be in an album, the other not. You can see in the info panel to which album(s) a photo is added.
  • It may be easier to delete the duplicates in where they are sorted by upload date (most recent on top). That separates two sets of same photos so that you can select a range to delete.

  • You can also add a bunch of photos and duplicates to an album (it can have 20.000 photos now), and sort by upload date (Open the album > click "More options" (3-dots ) > click "Sort" (2 arrows) > "Recently added". That will group the photos by upload date, making it possible to select multiple photos and delete them in batch.

    There are more ways to get a useful search result, for example the device from which they are uploaded.
    See this link

    It is possible to delete photos directly from an album (in web app only). Go to "More options" (3-dots icon), and use "Move to bin".