How to delete my account on credit karma?

Credit Karma is a site through which you can access credit reports from the three major credit reference bureaus in the country. To use Credit Karma, you do need to sign up for an account.

You may decide to cancel your Credit Karma account and get your credit reports elsewhere. If you do, it helps to know the process of deleting an account with Credit Karma.

A crucial thing to note is that even though you may delete your account with Credit Karma, they will still retain some or all of your information. There will still exist traces of your relationship with the site.

Sometimes, the site can hold on to your information for up to two years after you delete your account. You may still have the chance to ask the company to delete your information if you are worried about the safety of your data, but they rarely grant such requests.

Credit Karma will not hold on to information for every account. Therefore, if you will delete your Credit Karma account, you stand a real chance of never accessing your data again. You should transfer the data over to a new credit report service or keep it yourself before you find another one.

Since there are no membership fees for using Credit Karma, there are no refund struggles to be experienced when you delete your account.

Good news is that there are plenty of alternatives to choose from where you can access your credit reports. However, most of these sites charge a monthly membership fee so you should plan in advance. You should also perform due research before signing up for one of them since they will have access to some of your most confidential information.

Before cancelling your Credit Karma account, you should ask yourself if you really need the service. The question will help you with your decision and even whether to ask them to submit your data. Such data is usually solved to advertisers can be used malevolently.

Deleting Your Account

The process of deleting your Credit Karma account is a relatively straightforward one and involves the following steps:

1. Launch your preferred web browser

2. Open the credit karma website

3. Input the necessary details and log in to your account

4. Select the 'Help Center' option located in the lower left corner of your account homepage

5. Once in the 'Help Center ', enter 'deactivate account' into the search bar at the top of the page. A list of search results will appear

6. Click the result named 'How Do I cancel my Membership?'

7. In the article, there will be a link labeled 'Deactivate my Credit Karma account'

8. On the subsequent page, scroll to the bottom and click the red 'Cancel Account' button

9. Credit Karma has an account deletion authentication system so you will be asked to confirm if you want to delete your account.

You should receive a confirmation message in your email address confirming the deletion. If you do not, check your spam folder. If it still not there, you should contact Credit Karma customer service.

Sometimes, the Credit Karma website may state that the account is not deleted despite following the step above. If that happens, you should close the sit and try logging in again after a few minutes. It should state that your account is cancelled.

If not, you will also have to contact Credit Karma customer service.

Unfortunately, Credit Karma does not have a phone number where you can reach customer service. There is no live chat facility neither.

You will have to send them an email and ask them to shut down your account. You can find the email address on GetHuman.