How to Delete Add-Ons on Your PlayStation 4

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The PlayStation 4 has built-in tools to delete add-ons from your game. You can do this by going to your PS4’s main menu, and selecting the Settings option. Next, select System, and select Storage. Then, select the Add-on icon. Once there, simply select the games or add-ons you want to remove.

The options button is located on the right side of the controller, near the touchpad. Pressing this button will open a menu to the right of the screen. From there, you can select the second choice from the list and delete the game. Once this has been done, you can re-install the game, if necessary.

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After selecting the option, you can find your saved games and applications. The files will be listed in order of size, and you can choose which ones to delete. Pressing the X key will select the item, and selecting the Delete button will delete it. This will free up space on your PS4.

Another option is to delete a game from the library. This will allow you to remove it from your PS4 without affecting any other games. This method can also be used to delete multiple games at once. To do so, you must select the type of storage you want to use, whether it is on your PS4’s “System Storage” or an external storage device. Once you have selected the desired games, press the “Delete” button and the PS4 will delete them.

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The process of deleting add-ons on your PS4 is simple. First, you must make sure that the game has already downloaded the additional content. After that, go to the main menu, select Options, and select Manage Game Content. You can see your installed and uninstalled DLCs in this menu. You can also choose to uninstall DLCs by clicking on the trash can icon next to them.

Lastly, you can delete game discs without affecting saved data. You can then restore the games by inserting the disk into the front-facing disk drive. The process can take some time, but it will work. You can also reinstall the games you deleted. Then, you can log into the PS4 using your Dualshock controller and start playing again.

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There are a few things to keep in mind when deleting games and add-ons on PS4. First of all, you should be sure to understand what DLCs are. This will help you navigate through the options to remove them. Another option is to uninstall the game completely.

Deleted games can be recovered later on by reinstalling them or backing them up to an external storage device. Lastly, don’t forget that PS4 saves the game data even when you’re not playing it. This way, you won’t have to go through the hassle of starting from scratch.

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