How to Delete Messages on Instagram

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If you’ve accidentally sent someone a message and now want to delete it, you can do it in two different ways. First, you can delete all the messages you have sent. This feature also works for Instagram group chats. However, if you want to delete all messages sent by multiple people, you’ll have to repeat these steps for each one.

You can also delete the message on both sides of the conversation. However, this isn’t a reliable option, because you’ll still have the conversation on your end. That means that the person you’ve texted may still have the message on their device. Regardless, there are a number of other ways to delete messages on Instagram.

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Instagram also has an application called Delete for Instagram, which allows you to delete messages sent by both sides of the conversation. This application is available on iOS and Android. In order to use this tool, you’ll need to update your Instagram application. You can also use the API tools to delete messages.

To delete a message from the other side of the conversation, you’ll have to either block or unblock the other person. This will make your message disappear from their inbox, but it won’t be removed from the other user’s profile. You can also delete the conversation by long-pressing on the text and choosing Unsend.

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To unsend an Instagram message, you must first go to the “Messenger” tab. This is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, select the person you’d like to unsend it from. After doing so, you’ll be able to delete all the messages on the other person’s side of the conversation.

The Instagram app also lets you delete messages one by one. The only difference between this method and the former one is that you have to delete the conversation one at a time, but if you’re going to delete multiple messages, you can do so in a single session. After you’ve done this, you’ll have the opportunity to see all the conversations in chronological order.

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To delete an Instagram message, all you need is to be connected to the internet. Once you’ve logged in, look for the “messenger” icon on the home page. Tap this to view your chats. From there, tap the “Unsend” button. The message will be permanently deleted from the recipient’s screen. The deleted message will also be permanently removed from the other user’s inbox.

If you’d rather not see the messages you sent, you can unblock them and delete them from the other person’s inbox. Once you’ve deleted messages, you can’t access them again. This feature is only available for messages you’ve sent. You can’t copy, screenshot or forward these messages – they will just be gone.

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