How to Delete HBO GO History

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There is a way to delete HBO GO history. You can use this app to stream movies, original productions, and other exclusive content. Many people are looking for a way to clear their history on HBO GO. Maybe you’ve tried everything, but you just can’t seem to clear the history. Follow these steps to clear the history on HBO GO.

First, open the HBO app. From the home page, go to the ‘Continue Watching’ menu. From there, select the show or movie you want to continue watching. The list will store the show or movie for 30 days. If you change your mind, you can always remove the content from your ‘Continue Watching’ list.

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You can also clear your history if you don’t watch any of your videos anymore. In addition to deleting the history, you can also edit your account settings. If you are using more than one account, you can make new profiles and switch between them. You can also change the title of your recommendations.

Once you’ve cleared your history, you can continue watching your favorite shows and movies. You can also clear the Continue Watching list and delete any titles you don’t want. To do this, sign into your HBO Max account and click on the “Continue Watching” tab. In this section, you’ll see the list of titles you’ve saved and watched. To delete a title from the list, click on the “Remove” button at the bottom of each title.

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Once you’ve cleared your history, HBO Max will remember where you’ve left off in movies and shows. This way, you won’t have to start watching the same show again. In addition, HBO will remember where you left off when you want to resume. In addition, you can watch the same movie or show on different devices.

While there’s no way to delete your entire viewing history, you can delete all the titles from the Continue Watching row. However, this method is not as effective. This method only removes titles from your Watch History, and it won’t remove any of your other videos. But it will help you remove the Continue Watching row.

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HBO Max offers an extensive library of content. The app also has a Last Chance or Coming Soon feature, which allows you to keep track of departing shows. It also offers a variety of different hubs, so you can split your app library into different categories. There are hubs for adult content, kids content, cartoons, and studio Ghibli.

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